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  • Avoiding the Baby Bottle Blues

    When it comes to thumb sucking, babies are naturals — maybe because they practice even before they are born. Children begin sucking on their thumb while in the womb to develop the skills necessary for breastfeeding. Not surprisingly swapping a thumb for a pacifier or baby bottle is an easy transition for many kids. In a

  • Making Dental Visits Easy for Kids

    With your help, dental visits can be a positive – even fun – experience for your kids. Our staff will spend a lot of time with your kids to help them feel comfortable and understand what they can expect. You can help us make their next visit a successful one by working with us to

  • Composite vs. Silver Fillings – Which To Choose?

    For 150 years silver fillings have been the primary filler used by dentists to fill cavities. This fact is understandable when you discover the positive qualities of this substance known technically as amalgam. It is strong and durable in its function of restoring and strengthening natural teeth. Silver fillings have been used so long and

  • Is Oral Piercing Safe?

    Oral piercing is a form of body art and self-expression that’s all the rage among teenagers and young adults. While piercings of the tongue, lip or cheek might seem safe because “everyone has them,” that’s not entirely true. The mouth is a moist place, which means it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. And